Begehungen Chemnitz 2019 - Rausch

Application // RAUSCH

Deadline for applications 05.05.2019 12 p.m. (Middle European Summer Time).

General Information
first name:
last name:
day of birth:
Application for:
contact language:
Artistic work
Which division / operation are you likely strongest in the Begehungen? (eg music, architecture, literature, photography, dance, performance, video, media-based art, sculpture, culinary arts, design, urban art, sound art, fashion, ...)
Only for residencies: A short, comprehensible project outline
Thou shalt use the place and the city as a working basis, we do not want a detailed blueprint from you - but an idea of what bothers you in relation to the subject and the place (max. 2000 characters).
Would you be so kind to tell us how you have heard about this call (e-mail, website, poster, friends, facebook,...)?

After registration, we will send you a link to upload the required documents (see notes on the format of the application). If you are applying for an entry, then use this link also for transmitting data about the work of art, that you wish to exhibit.

Performing artists can apply with existing performances also for an entry. In case of live acts Begehungen also pays the costs for travel and stay.

The work samples will be evaluated by an expert jury after the application deadline. Afterwards applicants will be informed by e-mail about participation.

We look forward to receiving your application!

I have read the terms and conditions and accept them.

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