— Art festival // 15. - 18. August 2019 // Chemnitz —

The deadline for the open call has been extended: 15.05.2019!


We are looking for artists who want to develop their work as Artist in Residence (4 weeks) in a former brewery. We offer an allowance of 1500 Euro (including material costs) and accommodation for this period. In addition, we assume the travel costs.

We are looking for submissions (works of art on loan), which we can exhibit at the festival in the former brewery. As a rental fee we pay 200 euros and take over the transport costs.

We are open to all forms of artistic expression!
Are you interested? Then please scroll on. In the following paragraphs you will find our open call as well as the information about the application process. We look forward to your idea.


No rest, full power – we have to keep moving
This year it´s all about RAUSCH (german word), the Culture Festival Begehungen is dancing to sound and fury. It celebrates euphoria, enjoys the orgiastic, is losing control - opens the door widely to madness. Scared? Don`t worry. Just lose yourself. Welcome to RAUSCH.

Capitulation? RAUSCH, it`s your turn!
Did we already reach the limit? Are we trying too hard to understand? If the ironic self-reference is becoming a feeling of RAUSCH, is there a way to escape? Who is in, who is out, who has the choice? But first a retweet.

Protest: I’m throwing the fucking mobile into the sea
Jumping head first into life, into excess! Sanity is so yesterday. We are celebrating RAUSCH. Naked bodies, pills, madness. We want to have it all and plenty of it.

Hangover: How to get back on track
The day after the world is knocking on my exploding head. She wants usefulness, because in times of self-optimization there is no sleep. Wokeuplikethis, therapy, workout, other pills - a call for sanity.

The solution: RAUSCH releases!
Under the freely interpretable title RAUSCH we are calling to submit artistic works or to apply with a concept for a four-week residence in Chemnitz. This Open Call is addressed to any kind of artistic forms of expression, that can imagine a free discussion under this topic. All works selected by a jury of experts will be exhibited in the former Braustolz Brewery at the festival and will be accompanied by a diverse supporting program of music, readings and workshops with high media presence.

Note for residences
A four-week residence would start at 25th of July. Shorter residences (3-2 weeks) are possible, the allowance will be adjusted accordingly.

Fees and material resources:

    • - Artists of selected submissions receive an allowance of 200 € + shipping costs (submissions).
      - Artists who will stay for four weeks in Chemnitz receive an allowance of up to 1500 € including material resources. Arrival and departure costs will be refunded and a free accommodation will be provided (residences).
  • Application requirements: (please note the format of the application)
    • - a documentation of the work(s) to be exhibited including their thematic connection to the festival (submissions)
      - a brief project outline of the work to be created in Chemnitz which refers to the festival area / the exhibition areas / the topic (residences)
      - a short portfolio of previous works (digital)
      - a short CV
      - the completely filled out online form
  • Format of the application

    Please provide documents in PDF format. Upload link will be provided by e-mail after completing the application form.
    Idea description / project outline: Description of the idea with max. 2000 characters and possibly a sketch or photos in one PDF document (residence)
    Pictures of the work to be submitted in one PDF document (submission)
    short CV in one PDF document (residence and submission)
    short portfolio of previous works in one PDF document (residence and submission)
    (In total there are three documents, they facilitate the work of the expert jury.)

    Deadline for the application is 15.05.2019

    Exhibition Place:
    former brewery Braustolz, Chemnitz

    The Festival

    About us

    In 2019, young culture enthusiastic people have set their agenda once again to shape the art and culture scene. As in the years before, we demand more experiments, more (sub-)culture and more exchange between art and reality. No matter if students, artists, programmers, craftswoman and -men, or simply positive city dwellers – we are all united by the aim of revitalizing abandoned areas and buildings by the means of art and culture and by bringing these places and their history back into public awareness.

    About the festival

    Begehungen is an independent arts and culture festival dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. It takes place in August and is organised by Begehungen e. V., a non-profit association working on a voluntary basis.

    Once a year, the festival, which is well known beyond the city limits, invites its visitors to initiate debates about selected themes by using the means of art. Begehungen was started by director Beate Kunath and journalist Lars Neuenfeld and had its premiere in Chemnitz’ city district Sonnenberg in 2003. Ever since, it has developed into a recurring statement of culture. The festival encourages all citizens, visitors and art lovers to become part of and to enjoy the art scene of Chemnitz.


    The entrance to Begehungen festival 2019 is free.


    Die Begehungen No 16 are organised voluntarily by:

    Anatoli Budjko, Randy Fischer, Stephan Gerstmann, Luise Grudzinski, Anne-Katrin Timpel, Karin Hübler, Jeremias Kempt, Linda Kolodjuk, Lars Neuenfeld, Oliver Presch, Danielle Tändler, Matthias Döhler, Sarah Hofmann, Michael Chlebusch, Elisabeth Traun, Henry Hamann, Christin Busch, Anja Jurleit, Frank Weinhold.

    Last year Impressions

    Begehungen 2016: TA Lärm

    Begehungen 2017: Institut Potemkin

    Begehungen 2018: Jenseits von Beeten


    Sarah Hofmann, presse[at]

    The Begehungen festival is support and promoted by: