Begehungen No 13
Poelzig-Areal / 18. - 21.08.16

Begehungen puts an end to this city’s pulled plugs and pushes through the hush at this year’s exhibition site on the Poelzig-Area in Chemnitz:

While it’s usually the location determining the maximum volume, the 13th edition of Chemnitz’ arts and culture festival creates a world in between, according to it’s very own noise level. For an extended four-day festival weekend, it’s on us to take a space, quietly or loudly. Demand, what is no ones yet.

In this very year, the Begehungen, as unique connoisseurs of Chemnitz’ most forgotten places and corners are willing to want a little more, go a little further, dig a little deeper into the site’s history.

5.000 square meters of exhibition space won’t simply be used to document the story of the Poelzig-Area. The space, decades ago known for producing lingerie and sportswear, will be transformed into a different kind of factory in August: To overthink what is left of its history by the means of art.

21 international artists, five of which being artists in residence, are making up the core of the festival on young and contemporary art. Being in good shape as always, the supporting program made up of music, performance, readings and workshops let us reconsider the boundaries of what is expected. At the same time, a documentary series provides an insight into everything that has been – there, between fabrication, illegal rave culture and emptiness. And what’s next? More Participation! Begehungen is taking its first humble steps into focusing inclusion of handicapped people, for example by accompanying the exhibition tours by sign language interpreter or an exhibtion catalogue in braille print.  

Exhibition area: Poelzig-Areal, Chemnitz

Inclusion at Begehungen Festival

„Basically, Inclusion can happen anywhere.“ – Even in an old, dark industrial wasteland, extending over the five story building?

For the 13th edition of their festival, the nonprofit organisation Begehungen takes its first humble steps to the inclusion of handicapped people – and choses a most impossible place for that matter.  

This years exhibition grounds, the Poelzig-Area of Chemnitz, is an industrial waste land, covering five stories and 5.000 square meters of space. Gabi Reinhardt, responsible for the Begehungen’s inclusion project states: ‚Basically, inclusion can happen anywhere.‘ ‚ One just has to make it possible, think it through, want it – obviously, in cooperation with all parties engaged. Inclusion and the Begehungen are not mutually exclusive. Still, it is a challenge, trying to create an accessible exhibition, because our concept is trying to open grounds that are per se nonaccessible.


Thursday, August 18 2016

6 pm / Doors open
6:15 pm / welcome speech + exhibition opening
8:15 / Alligator Gozaimasu

Friday, August 19 2016

2.00 pm - 8.00 pm / exhibition opening hours
5 pm / Steven Warwick reads The Man of the Crowd by Edgar Allan Poe [in English]
8.30 pm Heatsick

Saturday, August 20th 2016

12.00 pm - 8.00 pm / exhibition opening hours
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm / Workshop: Homo Absurdus
2.00 pm / guided exhibition tour [with German Sign Language interpreter]
4.00 pm / Re-Fade – Durational performance by Jasmin Schaitl
5.00 pm / Salon Ohrthodox
5.00 pm / Mother Princess

Sunday, August 21st 2016

12.00 pm - 8.00 pm / exhibition opening hours
12.00 pm / sunday matinée: Salon Ohrthodox [sparkling wine next to an audio presentation]
1.00 pm / Re-Fade – Durational performance by Jasmin Schaitl
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm / Workshop: Homo Absurdus
2.00 pm / guided exhibition tour [with German Sign Language interpreter]
4.00 pm / Ach + Krach

Alligator Gozaimasu
Alligator Gozaimasu are close to bursting from all of their ideas. While one half of this internationally based Quartett weaves melodies into comforting dissonances, their Munich representers keep themselves busy developing costumes, videos and soundscapes for their live performances. This is where a singing sewing machine and Lo-Fi Casio-Punk meet to jam.

Steven Warwick
Steven Warwick reads The Man of the Crowd by Poe. Berlin based artist and musician Steven Warwick will read the short story by Poe, the first documentation of the flaneur and modernity in the mid 19th Century. In the story an anonymous man who cannot be semiotically read or coded catches his attention. This man fascinates him and he sets out in pursuit to follow him and work out what kind of a man and social standing he could be.  

Heatsick is the Berlin based club producer releasing on acclaimed label PAN. His music is created in real time based music is based upon loops that are moulded, stretched and reduced to interlink, merging with one another ; live dance music that expands and unlocks the senses. His sets have been favourably received at venues worldwide including Berghain, MoMa PS1, V&A Museum London, Malmö Konsthall, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Mutek and Unsound Festival.

Mother Princess
Mother Princess reigns and devotes, as hysterical as soft and (vermag es), reunite supposive musical contradictions. This creates a mixture of soul hip hop and electronica fragments that woos the listeners right there on the spot. In this raving …, the only thing you can be sure of are the unique lead vocals – and even those like to … off into wahnwitzige Gefilde.

Salon Orthodox
presents: The Beautyful Noise [in German] A lecture supported by vinyl, not dias. Right there in between Neil Diamonds „Beautyful Noise“, John Cage’s Anti-Music in „4:33“ theoretical and musicpractical noise- and noNoise-worlds can be found. The Leipzig based duo Salon Ohrthodox sends information through the white noise.

So. 16:00 / Ach+Krach
Concepts? Totally overrated! Two best friends from Leipzig and Hamburg made it their team task to steer the experiment ‚improvisation‘, feeding on Psych, Kraut and Stoner, into the extreme.

Artists at Begehungen No 13

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Begehungen is an independent arts and culture festival dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. It takes place in August and is organised by Begehungen e. V., a non-profit association working on a voluntary basis.


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