Open Call Begehungen No 14

— Open Call for ENTRIES and RESIDENCIES —

Institut Potemkin - Begehungen No 14

Arts and culture festival // 17th - 20th August 2017 // Chemnitz - Germany

The Institut Potemkin is nonexistent! Be part of it! No matter if you participate as a scientist, technician, or service staff. Maybe You are even an artist?

One can trace back the phrase of 'Potemkin villages' [1] to the name giver of the research facility. This historical lie now returns to Saxony [2] and serves the institute as starting point to examine the relation of seeming and being. How to conceal mischiefs correctly? How to generate fake news substantially? How to overcome revolution?

Institut Potemkins domicile is Kulturpalast Rabenstein – a monument of socialist Classicism in Chemnitz (Germany). Built in 1951 as a recreation centre for hard working miners it was converted into a TV studio after only ten years. Since the turn of the millennium this backdrop for backdrops was abandoned and disclosed to its inner decay. Now in 2017 the Institut Potemkin sets up shop in these historical halls.

Being a staff member of the institute would open up the space behind the massive facade of Kulturpalast Rabenstein for Your laboratory pieces of art. While using this property we operate after Eisensteins principle: Each new generation has the freedom to rewrite the score [3].

Under the freely interpretable guiding principle Institut Potemkin we are calling for applications with works of art or a concept for a four-week residency in Chemnitz. This Open Call goes out to all kinds of artistic expressions related to free artistic explorations of the mentioned topic. All works, chosen by a professional jury of five will be exhibited at Kulturpalast Rabenstein for the whole festival amidst high media presence against the background of a diverse support program comprised of music, lectures and workshops.

Exhibition Site:
Kulturpalast Rabenstein, Chemnitz (Germany)


Dear Artists,

The Begehungen would like to invite you to submit your works and projects for Begehungen 2017 in Chemnitz.

Our online application system will be open until June 30, 2017. Please remember that only applications submitted via the application system will be accepted.

Content of application:

  • a short project outline of the work of art that is to be completed during the stay in Chemnitz, referring to the festival area / exhibition space (artists in residence)
  • a documentation of the work(s) of art to be exhibited including a thematic link to the festival topic (entries)
  • a short portfolio of previous works (digital)
  • a short CV
  • contact data (name, email, phone number, possibly website)

  • Participating artists will be chosen by a professional jury. Applicants will be notified in early July, without individual statements or reasoning.
  • Participants grant to the organizers the publication of images of their works of art for purposes of information about the exhibition, its advertisement and documentation (e.g. exhibition poster, catalogue, social media …) under the indication of the authors to be used for information. In this context the organizer is also allowed to save personal data of participants and pass it on to third parties.
  • The organizer secures the exhibition in the daytime with a supervisory staff; over night by locking the exhibition space and with security service on the festival area.

  • According to the type of the festival area, being a wasteland, works of art can't be insured and the organizer doesn't assume any liability in cases of damage or theft.

Artists in residence:

  • Every project receives an expense allowance of 1000 € and up to 500 € for proven material costs (artist collectives get the same amount as single artists!).
  • The project should be realized within four weeks starting July 20, 2017 on the festival area or the urban space in Chemnitz,
  • The artists are expected to be present throughout the full four festival days from August 17 until August 20, 2017.

Professional fees


Artists of chosen works get an expense allowance of 200 € + postage costs.

Artists in residence

Artists in residence get an expense allowance up to 1500 € including material resources + travel costs to and from Chemnitz + free accommodation

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