Institut Potemkin - Begehungen No 14

— Arts and culture festival // 17th – 20th August 2017 // Chemnitz—

The Institut Potemkin does really exist! Trust us!

The name of the research institution refers to the saying of 'Potemkin villages' This historical lie now returns home to Saxony and serves the institute as starting point to examine the relation of seeming and being. How to conceal mischiefs correctly? How to generate fake news substantially? How to overcome revolution?

At the 14th edition of the arts and culture festival Begehungen we present you the results of our research. Scientists, technicians and even artists have observed, analysed, evaluated.

Together with you we want to discover these realities. Together with you we want to challenge these fictions. Together with you we want to open up spaces: socially, politically and perceptionally.

Institut Potemkins domicile is Kulturpalast Rabenstein – a monument of Socialist Classicism in Chemnitz (Germany). Built in 1951 as a recreation centre for hard working miners it was converted into a TV studio only ten years later. Since the turn of the millennium this backdrop for backdrops was abandoned and transferred to its inner decay. Now in 2017 the Institut Potemkin establish in these historical halls.

23 international artists and art-collectives were chosen by a professional jury. Additionally to the exhibition of contemporary art of all genres a rich background programme searches for the contradictions in our realities.

But within all this ambivalence one aspect is for sure: Begehungen 2017 is for everybody. We want to reduce barriers: in language, in the site, in the perception (with senses).

We are looking forward to welcome you at Institut Potemkin! Trust us!

Exhibition site
Kulturpalast Rabenstein, Chemnitz (Germany)

Accessibility: Consider it! Enable it! Claim it!

In 2016 the association Begehungen declared: 'Participation fits basically everywhere. All it needs is to consider it, to enable it and to claim it – evidently as a matter of course together with all participants.

Inclusion and Begehungen are not mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, organising an exhibition accessible for everybody is challenging, since the concept itself intends to open up abandoned spaces.'This year´s purpose is – based on the last year´s experience – to extend the participation for all people. We attempt an infrastructure with lower barriers.

esides the propositions of the last year we provide additionally portable seats in the exhibition. Vast parts of the building are accessible for wheelchair users. The rest of the exhibition area can be broadcasted on live media.

All integrative offers are enlisted below.

Contact us for further information and questions:

Persons with hearing handicap

  • translation in German Sign language: guided tours and background programme … further details to be announced
  • labelling for soundless artworks in the exhibition

Persons with visual impairment

  • guiding system for the exhibition
  • audio guide (only in German language)
  • the exhibition catalogue is available in Braille
  • planned: tactile section of a selection of artworks

Persons with physical handicap

  • barrier-free access to the exhibition (50%), café and background programme (except guided tours)
  • non-accessible areas can be broadcasted on live media
  • toilet and parking for disabled persons
  • portable seats for the exhibition area

basic offers

  • information for the festival and the artworks are also in English
  • we quest for a facilitative infrastructure
  • In case of visitor groups we kindly ask you to sign up for times and number of people.

Impressions Begehungen 2016: TA LÄRM

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